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20/11/2012 00:00

Good Bye Windows Home server?

Before you should know what is this about you should know what a Home Server is?
A home server is a server set in a house providing facilities to other computers inside and outside the house by means of a home network or Internet.
Windows Home Server was a worthy awareness but never actually caught the customers for many valid explanations, and after the second version of home server that appeared previous year without Drive Extender, so it was sure that home server has come to a termination. Like it was said Microsoft officially announced that windows home server will be discontinued.
I use Home Server 2011, the latest version, by means of the middle of my home-based network. This was the theme of certain argument, as the home server 2011 was short of Drive Extender technology, which delivered data duplication and particular pool of storing functionality which was the whole concept of the home server.
I agreed the problem about the lacking of Drive Extender but still home server lacks the vital fact of the server. In home server 2011 the products feature are:
•    Centralized PC backups
•    Server backup
•    Home network
•    Health monitoring
•    Storage of data
•    Sharing
•    Remote accessing
•    Cloud backup
For a home network home server 2011 is or was good because its auto server backup and network health monitoring was really good for home use.
Now what?
With the end of the discontinued Windows Home Server, Microsoft is proposing up two exciting substitutions working frontward which are: Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Essentials. Windows 8 has a lot in it, counting a low amount, a simple user environment, and easy compatibility on a home server. Nevertheless built on years of countless capabilities using Windows home server.
To be pure, this is not a choice I mention for everybody. Home server 2012, is similar to any version of Home Server which originates with some complication involved. So Windows 8 might be a considerably new understandable choice. It can work as a home group, contains all the basic home group capabilities and also can interact with Xbox 360, and can use the beneficial Storage Spaces with the help of the pooling functionality. You can click here to get more details and update about Home servers.
Sum it up!
Windows Server 2012 Essentials is lot more difficult than Windows 8. It generates an Active Directory domain, which creates complexity for home and office users.
Specified the promotion rating on Windows 8 and home server 2012 is also pointedly more un durable than Windows 8, however there are some of cautions on that one too. But it’s better to resist less problems then having a headache.

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